Mermaid is conceived.

Rich Walker starts a Mojo-sponsored PhD at the University of Exeter to study how weather affects marine operations, with a particular focus on application to offshore renewables. The limitations of spreadsheets are quickly reached, and development moves into a Matlab code.

The need for efficient analysis.

Mojo Maritime identifies a need to analyse tidal operations more effectively, particularly looking for appropriate tidal windows. Mermaid is conceived and development commences, starting as a simple spreadsheet.

First external use on client.

Mermaid used for first external client, analysing foundation options for Round 3 UK wind farms. Development continues apace with more staff assigned.

Development team grows.

Through 2013, the Mermaid development team continues to grow. By late 2013, Mermaid is entirely stable for use as a consultancy tool.

Development for external customer use.

Development of Mermaid as software product for external customers to use begins in earnest, with an easy to use interface and a re-written faster, more maintainable core.

Beta testing.

Beta testing of Mermaid commences.

Mermaid is released.

First commercial release of Mermaid.